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National Award for technology and innovation

Biokrone mexican company leader in biotechnology was given to the task of investigating and create a product that is able to activate the root system of plants and take full advantage of nutrients in the soil or the that apply.

After several years of investigation it developed the novel product called GLUMIX, which is a biofertilizer of high technology that takes as components a combination of bioactivated clays and a chosen consortium of species of fungi Mycorrhizal. Product patented in several countries of the world..

Being in the year 2015, that Glumix was rewarded by the National prize of Technology and Innovation in XVI Edition, award granted by the presidency of the Mexican Republic.

Global Quality Foundation Recognition

The Mexican company Biokrone S.A. de C.V. leader in biotechnology, won the International Award Global Quality Gold "Elite", by the excellence achieved in the performance of its work, as international leader in high quality.


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